If you’re unaware, I’ll be going overseas later on this year so I might not get to update the blog as much as possible. 

I’ll do my best—-but in the meantime, be sure to stick around while I keep on posting. Or, you can follow me here, here, or here.

Let’s see if I can find all the eating/having a meal clips. They’re very rare occasions seen on River Monsters.

Yep! Still the same show.

AU FANS - River Monsters in about 1 month! Time: 7:30pm AEDT/NZDT

AU FANS - River Monsters in about 1 month! 
Time: 7:30pm AEDT/NZDT

(US) River Monsters: Unhooked on TUESDAY, 16 SEPTEMBER 2014, at 7PM E/P and again on WEDNESDAY, 17 SEPTEMBER 2014 at 2:06 AM E/P.

Check your local listings.

Wear and tear