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when did river monsters season 5 come out on dvd
unofficialrivermonsters unofficialrivermonsters Said:

It depends where you live. Australia is the only one selling the S5 DVD. The US and mostly everywhere else is for digital download only at the moment (i.e. iTunes Store, etc.) and no confirmed date as to when the DVD will be available.

(US) Fishing in the Argentinian wetlands.

Don’t ask why commercials of Legend of Loch Ness is showing for next week. According to one of their pages, it’s supposed to be Man-eating Monster. Maybe it’s one of those episodes-they-replay-from-a-previous-season-sort-of-night. Either way, when the season ends…Unhooked starts and I love it when it’s on because you learn more about the episodes.

(US) River of Blood